my tortoise has been using a large rock as a pillow, is that normal? also, is there some kind of pillow I can get him that he wont mistakenly eat and make himself sick? Sleeping face first on a rock has to suck 🙁

Well, I’m pretty sure that’ts just your tort being a tort 🙂 

I like to think of it like a sleep number preference. We humans like the softer mattress, smooshie pillows and what not. Torts? They’re more into the firm hard surfaces, like a rock!  Maybe they think they’re snuggling with another tort? (Not very likely.. our torts don’t like to share… noms or their space). 

Torts will seek out the temperature and conditions they need to be comfortable (this is why a temperature gradient is so important). There’s a possibility that they don’t think the substrate is deep enough to dig down, so you can always add more substrate to the enclosure. You can add some plants or other things for them to snuggle into or on.   

Aside from that, I’d say your shell friend is just fond of that rock. The fact they feel safe enough to sleep out in the open like that is a good thing. Not worried about any monsters coming to take them away 🙂 

So yeah, those are my thoughts. Also feel free to take adorable pictures of your sleepy shell friend here. 

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