Not snakes, but: this is what I spent my day doing: Building an enclosure for the Russian tortoise I’m adopting from a rescue.

Here’s the current state of the enclosure.

It’s set up on the back porch of our house.

It’s almost done – I’ll just shovel some more substrate in there, and throw in some straw, bark chips, etc.

To make sure no roaming animals (like raccoons) can harm the tortoise, every night I will be putting it inside the cage, where it will have some room to move about and bask in the morning until I let it out to the large corral when I get up. The cage has a heat mat on a thermostat to make sure that the tortie is warm on chilly nights.

Over time, I want to get some plants growing in there too, like plantago and dandelion. See if they have a chance to grow with a tortoise roaming the corral.

Regardless, I will be growing plantago, dandies, and chicory, as well as prickly pear in my back yard to feed the tort, so it can demolish the plants in its enclosure all it wants!

HOLY AMAZING!!! you’ve built a kingdom any tortoise would be proud to dominate!

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