Name: Olive
Breed: Red Footed
Age: Adult
Gender: Female

Olive is a 5-6 year old Red Footed Tortoise and cute as a button! We believe Olive is a female but gendering tortoises can be difficult until they reach full maturity so female is our best guess. Olive is a wonderful, low key and unique pet. She is being re-homed due to space constraints of her current owner so please keep in mind tortoises require habitats that can accommodate growth and are warm and humid. Olive will be full size in about another 5 years. Olive is house trained, she will not got to the bathroom in her home/habitat so about once or twice a week she is put in a warm bath where she is able to do her business. This means the bedding in her habitat does not need to be changed very often. She eats dark leafy greens and some fruits and for the most part is very easy going. She has visited several pre-school classroom and is a very social tortoise looking to make more friends.

Please contact Molly at hoff.molly@gmail.com if you are interested in adopting Olive.

This turtle is located in Minneapolis, MN.

This is Olive! Olive needs a forever home. 

For anyone considering adopting this, or any other, adorable shell, please do your research! As is mentioned above, but needs to be emphasized, Olive needs space to grow, proper lighting and temperatures, and a diet specific to her species. 

Here’s a good site for Red Foot Tortoise Care!

Spread the word! Here’s hoping Olive finds her forever home soon. That adorable face needs a human to boss around <3 

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