Thank you so much for reblogging my post. I’m trying to get information out so people will stop doing terrible, ignorant things like this! You’ve made my post explode, and that’s getting info out to educate so many people and help so many turtles and tortoises. Thank you! ☺️

Thank you for sharing it!!! We wrote/ shared some posts about this a while ago…several Florida papers were writing about people attempting to “Return gopher tortoises  to the sea” but, as I’m sure you know, it sometimes feels like preaching to the choir. 

Seeing things like this go viral is particularly upsetting because not only is the visual or original post disturbing, but it’s a visual/ that is being spread around as “crazy” in this light hearted silly way.. and people don’t realize how NOT funny it is. How all this sharing without information can actually perpetuate a problem. (I’m thinking back to the Blake shelton incident of a few years back but thats another story). 

Even for those who take the time to think “is this post messing with me?” or “Is someone trying to cause drama” its turned into a viral video not an animal being drowned. We can’t pretend there aren’t people out there that will ignore the whats really happening and think oh I can do that too! Wouldn’t it be funny if I tried that? I could totally go viral on facebook too! And whether it be an animal they find in the wild, a pet (they shouldn’t have if they try something like this btw), it will be abusive, stressful and even lead to the death of endangered species. 

It’s sick and wrong and I’m so glad I found your post. You added the IMPORTANT info to this viral post and maybe it will keep moving with that attached. 

High freaking five to you! 

Zoya says thanks cause being thrown in the water looks super scary. 

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