Okay I love your page! And potato too! well anyways, I wanted to ask what’s the best blog to go to about tortoises? If you would know anything or have and recommendations pleasee tell me! Thank youu💕


Aaaaah thank you haha.

I love mangomusings and wafflesworld but they’re not really information oriented blogs. I’m actually not sure of any tortoise oriented blogs other than those two!

I mean I can help with specific questions and scrounge up care sheets but writing general care would take too long. Followers?

Yes! Waffles and Mango! and thewhimsyturtle too 🙂 We try to post info here but the human is silly slow these days and we’ve mostly been sharing our awesome shell friends and what not. We have been working on care videos tho!!  And if your questions aren’t immediate, humom does lots of research when she can. 🙂 

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