A very special happy Humom’s day to Zoya’s new cousin Walter and his amazing humom! She adopted this handsome shell baby less than 3 weeks ago and we are SO EXCITED for him and his mama! 

As you can see, he was clearly destined to be part of the  #turtpocalypse family. He has learned to strike the Pet Star pose already! His beak is a little un-even but he’s got the best smile and his mama is watching over him to make sure it grows well. Regardless he is still noming like a boss. He even…. behaves well in the bath!?  Wait what? (psst.. Walter! don’t be too well behaved. You’ll set a bad precedent for the rest of us.. heee (; ) 

We love you Walter and we’re so glad you’re part of our shell family! <3 <3 oh and I made you a card. Those dandies were for you but um.. someone stole them and put them in my tummy.. Sorry! ~Zoya & Humom

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