(Source: News24/SouthAfrica

This is Kyle, age 7. She and her family were enjoying some time on the beach near Cape Town, South Africa when she found a baby loggerhead sea turtle on a rock looking limp. She alerted her family who sought help from locals. They directed the family to the local harbor staff, but no one was there to help. Kyle and her sister jade were determined to get their new found friend, that they named Rosie, got “to the turtle doctor”.  So the family called the National Sea Research Institute who, after verifying that Rosie was not willing to go back in the water,  were asked to bring the turtle to their facility in cape town.

Turns out Rosie was not alone. While she is notably the southern most stranding they had seen, she joined 178 other baby loggerhead sea turtles being cared for by the facility, most they have ever had. While the turtles normally go with the warmer currents that flow from their hatching place, stormy weather washed them into cold waters that they then tried to escape.

Thanks to the family’s efforts, Rosie is doing much better.  She and her new friends will be flown back to their hatching place to be released when the weather is better.

High five to go Kyle and Family for not giving up on Rosie.

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