‘Twas the night before the marathon…


It’s the night before the 2015 Boston Marathon and I’d by lying if I
said I wasn’t nervous (see also: anxious, overwhelmed, wound up, high
strung…need I say more?). I’m trying not to think about the
butterflies madly fluttering around my belly right now, or the miserable
looking weather forecast for tomorrow. So not worth it right now…

I’m just gonna take a second to look at the positive here and give some
thanks. Thanks to every single one of you for supporting me over the
last 18 weeks. Thank you for your donations to my favorite charitable
organization, for helping us to protect the blue planet and educate our
future ocean protectors. Thank you for cheering me on through every
daunting long run, lifting me up through all those snowy weeks of
training, and being generally awesome while I’ve attempted to step up to
this unique experience. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you
all are a part of my team and I couldn’t be doing this without you.

Speaking of team – I’d be remiss not to mention the
fantastic folks I’ll be running with tomorrow. This band of banana heads
is one of the most amazing groups I have ever had the luck to be a part
of. Everyone has been so supportive of one another – pushing each other
through so many hurdles, recognizing each other’s accomplishments and
cheering each other along during this crazy ride. Look out for us on the
course tomorrow in our incredible clown fish singlets – you won’t miss


got my play list ready and my gear all laid out. Now it’s time to rest
and (try to) relax. Please send your happy thoughts my way and to all
the runners out there probably freaking out about tomorrow’s weather. If
you are dedicated enough to brave the rain, it will mean more to us
runners than you probably realize. We will need every voice of support
out there tomorrow – and I look forward to seeing many of you along the


Find Nemo tomorrow: text 27128 to 234567 to get status updates on your favorite lil fishy.

Let’s do this. Go fish!

#weruntogether #gofish

Remember your Shelled friends are with you!! GO TEAM! 

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