Turtle does not appreciate the finger.Glamour HeadshotTurtle BootyTurtle likes to sit like this and give me the eye over his shell.Don't be stingy, show some leg!


 Pls reblog Turtle, he wants to be famous.

 He grew up in a fishbowl and was rescued by my dad during house party.

 All he wants is to be CoverTurtle for Vogue one day.

 We can make that dream come true.

Well with a fine #Turtle butt like that he’s sure to be on his way to petstardom! Don’t you all agree? Lets make turtle’s dream come true… you know.. a dream is a wish your shell makes and stuff! 

p.s. congrats on your rescue, turtle! we look forward to seeing you at #turtpocalypse training this year. 

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