Hey Arizona residents, did you know that the Arizona Game and Fish department conducts an annual Desert Tortoise adoption program? The breeding of captive desert tortoises and the closing of facilities, quite a few of these guys need a good home! They are a restricted species,  can only be adopted by Arizona residents, and cannot leave the state. They are captive tortoises so it is also illegal to release them into the wild (so remember that before deciding to adopt).

This year’s brood of adoptable tortoises have begun getting their check-ups to ensure they are in good health and ready for a happy forever home. Adoptions begin April 1st and about 100 tortoises of varying ages are looking for a home.

Check out the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s website for information on the species, care sheets, and an adoption application!  (Its great learning material too, even if you can’t adopt)

The information includes a great checklist for potential tortoise adopters of all kinds!

(Sources Arizona Game and Fish Department & AZ central)

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