Its #TBT!

This was the first time I showed my humom that extent of my SKILLZ!

Once upon a time, humom was on the couch watching tv. I wanted to watch too. I had learned some new skills she hadn’t seen before. I climbed up the side of my terrarium to get a better view of the TV. Humom looked over and jumped up to make sure she was seeing things right. She said something like “WHAT THE….” and took my picture. Seemed shocked and confused that I had scaled 2 feet of terrarium wall. Then she let  me sit with her on the couch and watch tv. I’m pretty sure she was proud of my skills, cause she kept look down at me and laughing “You are amazing’.  

She still thinks I’m amazing ( cause, I mean.. duh.. look at me!) but seems slightly less proud of my escape skills… Maybe I need to work on that element of surprise?  hmmm. 

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