This corner is the perfect size for me to demonstrate my ninja skills!I am going to climb onto that ledge, just you see!You may think we tortles are slow and clumsy, but look at me go!My ninja skills have come far!Almost there!HA!  Bet you didn't think I was going to make it this far!Victory is in sight!  I am balancing just fine like this!  Totally not going to topple onto my back, not me--AUGH!


Flashback February

A Tall Tuesday flashback! At our old place, the window edges were just the right size for me to practice my ninja skills! I got so close to climbing onto the ledge—all I needed was just one or two extra millimeters to my leggies, and I wouldn’t have fallen onto my back!

Ain’t no stopping Kirby! 

Thats right, we Russian torts can scale walls.. what can you do human? huh? huh? 

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