This painted turtle was brought to the New England Wildlife Center with a cracked shell. The fantastic folks at the center worked all their magic, using zip ties to pull the shell together as you would with a human. Sadly, the poor guys back legs were paralyzed so no going back into the wild. He did find a great forever home, however, where he’ll have a safe and happy life.

This is just one example of the incredible work the New England Wildlife Center does on a daily basis, for turtles, tortoises, birds, and more. The crazy winter storms in New England  haven’t just affected us, they have seriously impacted the wildlife of New England. The center has taken in a wide range of animals suffering from hypothermia, malnutrition, and other injuries. Their resources are being eaten up but the storms aren’t stopping and the animals keep coming in. If you are able to donate even little to help the center keep up with the high numbers of patients this winter, please do! They could really use the help. And spread the word, that’s helping too.

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Check out the amazing work the NEWC does, caring for the animals and training future rehabbers as well.

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