I had to nap after brunch, of course, but later in the day I got to open some valentines!! I got a package from my boy shell @Jeffmusk and one from wafflesworld & mangomusings !! Our mail is super slow cause of that stupid snow so these packages must have been made of magic!

Jeffie sent me a card and ALL THE WARM! We really need that right now. I got candy hearts and GLOW IN THE DARK ROCKS! Humom says those are for her, but they smell like noms to me so I tried when she wasn’t looking.

The package from Waffles and Mango said Par Avion! That means it went on a plane to get here. Cool! Inside was the best magnet of Waffles & Mango! They both look super handsome and I think Mango is singing! It’s now hanging on the fridge with our #Turtpocalypse magnet! Also inside, was a snuggly valentine Heart!! I climbed it and snuggled it and wore it on my head. I love it!!

Thank you shell friends!! You are the bestest! 

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