I’m looking out the sliding doors and notice that El Diablo is wandering around eating my bougainvillea’s in the giant RAISED and WALLED bed we have. So of course I holler at Michael to go get him out…. He’s already knocked over some climbing trellises. It’s really like we’ve allowed Gamera to live in our yard. I told Moira I think a nice zoo might like him (not really, they won’t take them because there’s too many already). Anyway she goes “Noooo momma, he’s happier here, he has so much variety in food and he’ll get bored living in dirt!!” No kidding! It’d be boring not having anything to pillage and destroy, I’m sure. o.O ***picture is after the pillaging of my flower bed, he pulled down my tomato plant and was chewing on it. Oye Vey. Arthur is too nice of a name for such a terrible turtle. #tortoise #turtle #gamera #garden

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