my tortoise (espárrago, a 9 year old  Chelonoidis Chilensis, i rescued him when he was 5) has been having trouble pooping, i took him to the vet about two weeks ago because he seemed sad and didn’t want to leave his house, when normally we would walk all day, they told me it was just a humidity problem (because of the wildfires that happened near where i live) and that it would be solved if i soaked him everyday for ten to fifteen minutes, when i asked to which temperature the water had to be the vet told me to just use the water “as it comes from the faucet” (im translating here dudes, sorry if that doesn’t make sense, basically she told me to not heat the water) and that’s what i did, i also give him more humid vegetables (apart from snails and all that) but i think he might have gotten sick because the water was too cold? is that possible? i haven’t seen him poop in like a week and today he really tried but she couldn’t and i just didn’t know how to help him 

my mum is hospitalized right now so im living alone and i have to pay the bills with the little money we have left from when she could work, my dad just gives me 30.000 pesos (about 57 dolars) so i cannot take him to the vet right now, there is only one vet in my city that knows how to treat earth tortoises, and it isn’t cheap, so please in anyone knows what can be happening, please, pleas tell me. 

to finish, here is a picture of him chillin’ in his hand made tortoise pool:


Ok, so I am not a vet, and my only experience with Chelonoids Chilensis is the stories my mom told me about her tortoise, Colita, that she had growing up in Buenos Aires. 

That said, I have dealt with poo concerns with zoya and the first thing I’d say is to use warmer water during soaks. It was described to me as hot  ”Baby bath” water. it should be on the ‘hot’ side but not too hot to touch. The heat can stimulate defecation.  If he’s already blocked up the soaks can help but won’t solve the problem.

You should make sure he has a place to bask that’s warm enough and that the temperatures in his enclosure are warm enough too. Cold temperatures slow down metabolism, and thus pooping doesn’t happen.

I’d also say to stick more with greens and increase the amount of fiber in his diet. Adding some hay copped up to the greens can also help with fiber and push poo through. Adding some pumpkin puree (just a small amount with NO additives) can help with fiber intake. Its a very temporary thing to do, however, so keep that in mind. 

I know there are some Chaco tortoise owners on http://www.tortoiseforum.org/ and they might be able to help more. 

Espero que esta información ayude espárrago. Envíenos un mensaje si podemos ayudar con cualquier otra cosa y para díganos cómo es su salud

(my spanish is pretty bad these days)

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