Hey guys!

Exams are over, and I am now at my Grandma’s house for my first Christmas! I figured that I would take some time out today and answer some of your questions that I received during my time off of tumblr. So, here are some facts about me:
1. My name is Boris, but my mom is pretty sure that I am a girl!
2. I am spoiled rotten.
3. I sleep with a teddy bear every night
4. I LOVE to take baths!!
5. My favorite thing to do is climb. I climb on most anything, but my favorite things to climb are the rocks in my enclosure (and sometimes my mom!)

Stay posted to find out more fun facts about me! Also, my mom’s friend (who is also my godmother) got a new camera the other day and decided to let me have my own photoshoot! Maybe I will post some of them in a few days. It all depends in how awesome I look in them 🙂

As always, I’m wishing you lots of noms, warm baths, and cuddles!

Peace out!

Hi Boris!  What a big yawn you have! SHELL HUGS! 

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