He didn’t do this the last two days, but today it’s all he’s doing. That worrisome motion he does with his head and front legs.
Sorry for the shakiness of the video- I was a bit nervous/ worried.
Any ideas? 🙁

Reading some of the replies I’d have to agree. That ‘shrugging’ is usually a sign of stress. I think of it as a human hyperventilating. you get the physical motions of breath in a more obvious deliberate way. 

if you’ve only had him for a week he’s probably still scared. It takes a while to get used to knew digs, new diet, new human and so on. If you don’t hear any wheezing, see any bubbles coming out of his nose, he’s probably adjusting…  

Seems you are fully aware of lighting needs, temps etc.. so keep doing research to make sure he’s got what he needs and hopefully in a week or two he’ll be trouble making and owning the place…

Thoughts anyone? 

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