As Promised, more pictures of Zoya’s birthday celebration!

What’s a tortie birthday party like? Well. Check it out. There was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle banner over the terrarium when Z woke up, Mom made a special tortie cake with Kale, Petunias, Hibiscus, and Radicchio (all my favs). Tortie birthday also means ZOYA’S YEARLY PIECE OF APPLE TO NOM! Beautifully presented in a tiffany style box. 

All the gifts were sniffed (a new bulb, Kale plant from Jeffie, and some other fun plants for inside the apt now that winter is coming) the tortie cake and apples were nommed in style and then it was time for a short rest before an outdoor adventure.

Wandered the garden for a few before we made our way on a long walk through the neighborhood! Video to come! We met a human boy named max. He was small and seemed scared at first… then he saw me walking and we became friends. That was fun. 

On our way back in there was attempted tree climbing, sucessful tree stump dominating, and mom demanding she was tired and time to go inside.

All and all? pretty good birthday!  

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