Guys, I know most of you won’t pay attention but please help


This tortoise has major pyramiding, and this guy obviously doesn’t know anything so if somebody could buy him that actually knows about tortoises it would really help. 
I know it’s ridiculous to ask but like I don’t have money to help and I want it to be in good hands.

Just look at it and please if you know how to take care of tortoises properly and have the money to help, help. 

Oh wow 🙁 poor shell baby!  I know how you’re feeling. I had to completely stop myself from looking at any post like this on craigslist. I know how bad it is out there and how many torts and turtles are in a similar situation or worse and I just can’t take looking at these cases knowing I can’t do anything tangible to help them.

That said, have you tried responding to the add and asking the person if they’d be willing to give him to a rescue in the area, or someone that might be able to  take him a vet? If you try and express to the owner that he is clearly in poor health and needs attention maybe they would be willing to turn him over? ugh. know its a long shot but maybe?

Anyone in the Fort Wayne area that might be willing to help, know of a rescue that might be willing to help, or has the knowledge and ability to adopt this poor guy, please do it! He still has a chance if he ends up in the right place. 

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