Hey all! This is Armstrong. Could he be cuter? Not really. He’s a fighter thats for sure.  

He has been making his way despite a serious right arm issue that desperately needs treatment. He and his human are living in the Phoenix, AZ area and could really use some help!

I’ve sent out some emails to see if anyone knows a vet or rescue that might help and am still waiting for responses.  Maybe you know somewhere  or someone too!? 

Take a minute to read more about Armstrong below. Visit his website and, if you can,  make a donation to help him get the care he needs. If you know a vet or rescue that might be able to help let us know! 

Armstrong is growing by the minute, and as he grows this issue will grow with him. Spread the word, send some love, a donation, or information if you can. 

High five Armstrong, you’re quite the inspiring shell. 


This is Armstrong.

He’s about a week old. A baby sulcata tortoise. He’s adorable, tiny, energetic, outgoing, fast and strong. 

All this despite his injured front right arm. Whether his shoulder is dislocated or his humerus is separated from his scapula, something is wrong. 

I need to take him to the vet this week to find out just what is going on, and how to fix it. The problem is, of course, money. The vet tech I talked to today said that the vet is generally really good about working out something to help in tight financial spots, but I won’t know exactly what that means until I bring him in. And not bringing him in is not an option. 

If you are able to help Armstrong, or if you know anyone who might be, please contact me and pass this along. He’s just a week old and he needs all the help he can get to make sure he gets a real chance at a long, healthy, happy life.

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