Gopher tortoise pics soon?

Today’s posts are dedicated to you anon!! Enjoy! 


(photo Wildlife Foundation of Florida)

Read the Gopher Tortoise Fact Sheet Here

Gopher tortoises are on the Endangered Species list and are considered a threatened species because their habitats continue to be destroyed. They are found in central to nothern florida, southern areas of Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama and the tip of Eastern Louisiana. They dig deep burrows in dry areas. These burrows not only house the tortoises themselves but provide shelter for 250+ other species in the area. Guess with these guys the tortoise taxi leads to the tortoise hostel. 

Never disturb a gopher tortoise in the wild, never disturb a burrow you see. As with all tortoises and turtles in the wild, if you see one crossing the road and want to help, always help it across in the direction it was headed and allow it to remain on its away as soon as its out of danger (aka the street). 

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