Frankie’s Tortoise Tales teach us about the ‘mythical sulcata ram.’ I hear @sammyKaep7 is pretty good. @Kaepernick7, Sammy ever try a sack?

Frankie Tortoise Tales: The Mythical Ram

Frankie’s Year of The Ram continues. 
I see a lot of discussion about sulcata ramming. 
Both male and female sulcata ram.  When they want to.  Seen it.
Keepers with younger sulcata from hatchlings to a few years old really don’t notice ramming.  When a sulcata is young ramming looks like hiding and sounds like hissing.
As a sulcata get’s older things happen and a sulcata owner will wonder, “Did that sulcata just ram me?” or “Did the sulcata just give me a love-tap?”  For the medium sized sulcata a ram is more like a bump or a forward jump.  Owners think, “Oh, I just scared him.”
When a sulcata gets big….well there is no mistaking when a big sulcata rams.
Never stand in front of a big sulcata when it rams.  Just don’t.
There are signs.  Indicators.  Big White Flags.  Don’t ignore them. 
And never, NEVER, take the bucket away.

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