Every time I go through the “tortoise, turtle, snake, reptile” tags on Tumblr/Instagram I see people killing snakes for no reason, people not taking proper care of their tortoises, etc. I have a strong feeling this girl won’t answer me but I am so upset.

Its a sad reality. Its hard to know how to deal with things like this. I find that people don’t respond when things like this happen. I guess they feel confronted or accused. Its a hard line between expressing the how dire a situation is for the animal and trying to get their attention in a way that won’t make them run away, block or unfollow, and never get more information. I know I try and get info across but am often too wordy and rambly and people don’t read it. Blah. I hope this is the case of a rescue tortoise, or that your comment at the very least gets this person to go look up the details of what you said.

I think spreading accurate information everywhere and often is the best hope. <3s to you for looking out for the shells. 

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