Dad-of-one spends FIVE HOURS a day taking his pet tortoise Maximus for a walk… but his top speed is just 1mph 

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Headline should really be: Owner of Maximus the 4 year old Sulcata, expemplifies real commitment to raising his shell friend to be happy and healthy. 

Rob has had Maximus since he was a hatchling, able to fit in his hand. Now at 4 years old and about 27 pounds, the duo go for 5 hour walks every day to ensure maximus gets quality sunlight (much stronger than any suplemental light we can have indoors) and vital to his proper growth.  

According to the article, “Chunky Maximus eats about 33 kilograms of lettuce every week and weighs 12 kilograms as his regime keeps him fit and strong.” Thats a little over 72 pounds a week! BTW, Daily Mail, he doesn’t look too chunky to me he seems just about right. 

The lifespan of a sulcata tortoise is about 120 years, if provided proper care.

“Rob will be hoping that Maximus’ celebrity status stays with him in future because despite Maximus’s popularity with family members, they will not be the ones who inherit him.

Rob said: ‘When I go he’ll have at least two thirds of his life to go – my family love him to bits but there’s no way I’d leave him with them.

‘I’d be hoping to get him into a zoo or sanctuary – somewhere where there’s plenty of salad to get stuck in to.’”

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