@Turtlefeed. is it possible to heart you and your turtle brood more?


This is my littlest turtle.

Here are five weird things that make him happy/splashy:

1. The theme song from The Neverending Story.
2. English muffins. (For sitting on, not eating.)
3. The ladybugs that mysteriously sneak into his tank.
4. Jon Stewart.
5. Anything that can be mistaken for food. This includes erasers, loose change, dryer lint, old receipts, hair clips, Nintendo controllers, shoes, and the squirrels that visit the deck.

Here are five things he hates:

1. Sudden movement.
2. People who wave at him but don’t offer him Reptotreat.
3. Toothbrushes. 
4. Wii Fit.
5. Everything else not heretofore enumerated.

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