This is just another story proving what we’ve been trying to tell you all along… Tortoises (a russian in this case…. little houdini’s as they’re called) can be fast as heck when they wanna be and you might THINK you’ve “tortoise” proofed a location but you’re just underestimating your shell pal. Where there is a will there is a way. These shells have a will 1000x larger than their shell its just very particular

Yep. This is Buster, living outside of Chicago with his owner Daniel. Daniel built him a nice outdoor enclosure he would surely be happy in. Well, he was happy but that adventure bug bit him and he found a way to make a great escape from his great lakes garden habitat.

(From the Beacon News – Sun times affiliate)

Never mind that fable about the slow-moving but persistent tortoise: They really can move a whole lot faster than you think.

At least Buster can. He’s a Russian tortoise who belongs to the Incaudo family of Naperville. And he proved just how speedy he could be after escaping from his outdoor habitat that 20-year-old Daniel Incaudo built for him next to their home on Skylane Drive.

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