Speedie’s Aiight, Guys!

SO SCARY!! and SO glad there was a happy ending. Hugs and noms to you and your shell baby! Send us some pics of this little trooper 😀


I know it sounds funny because it’s a tortoise, but she almost died last week. Basically, she lives in our backyard and she tried to walk down this ledge that we have and she flipped over. However, we didn’t find her like that until probably a couple of hours after had flipped and she was laying there in 102 degree heat, with foam coming from her mouth.

We took her to the vet and they took care of her for a night and gave her the okay to go home, but ever since then she has refused to eat and just sleeps all day. We were fearing that she might have had a heat stroke and as a result was brain damaged and bound to die.

But today we finally got her to eat and she walked around the house like normal. My reptile baby is going to be okay!

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