Hi, I have a red foot tortoise and she’s going to be 5 this summer. My enclosure is plenty big, but I’m having problems finding her a log or something to sleep under and a water dish big enough for her to soak in. I’ve tried everything! I was wondering if you knew of any websites I could order large tortoise supplies from or any ideas as to what I should do. Thank you!

Hah! Once again I totally relate. Zoya outgrew her log even after we added some extra wood at the bottom. The only hide I’ve been able to find thats her size with room to grow is the Zoo Med Resin Log Hide ‘GIANT’ size. haha! Growing torts! 

As for an in terrarium soak dish, I’ve used a dish thats half bowl half plate (does that make sense?), one from target, and added rocks in part so its accessible easily and isn’t too deep. I also found a larger water dish from zoo med here.  Zoya isn’t one to soak herself so its never really used (except when she digs near it and shoves dirt in the clean water haha!) 

Once they get on the larger side, I find that a bit of DIY is required to make things fit to the space and her size. For hides a half terra-cotta pot is a good one. You can find them in all sorts of sizes and a quick whack works easily. The other thing I do is if the substrate is deep enough, a half buried pot doesn’t even require any destruction 🙂 

Get creative! They have all kinds of wooden boxes and things at places like Michaels. Those work really well and you can add some stuff to fit the aesthetic of the environment if you want. 

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