Anon Asks: Do you keep Zoya in her garden overnight? 

Really short answer? NOPE. 

(not sure why my asks aren’t posting properly so I’ll do it myself! Sorry for the delays)

I live in Massachusetts and its still way too cold to do that (and here in MA its rarely good enough weather for that to happen). An appropriate temperature gradient, humidity level, and light amount is important to well being so I find that its best to keep her inside. In a terrarium I built and whose conditions I can control.

I live in the city but we still have skunks and raccoons and all kinds of crazy creatures that come out at night and could get their hands on her. She is pretty good at getting into trouble all on her own anyway. 

So short answer, is no. It doesn’t feel safe to leave her out there unsupervised at night or during the day. I do put her out in the garden when its warm and sunny for hours, but I always have an eye on her. 

(pic of her sleeping in her DIY indoor inclosure (castle grounds) the other night. fell asleep right under the basking lamp)

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