Reminder: stop NY State Bill A2490-2013 allowing capture & killing of snapping turtles. Its World Turtle Day, lets remind elected officials about that.

This bill will legalize the trapping and killing of snapping turtles at will. There are a multitude of reasons this bill is detrimental both to the turtle population and to the human population it cohabitants with.  I urge you all to read more about the bill and let your voice be heard. Below is a sample email sent to NYS Assembly Speaker by Elaine (on the Turtle Rescue Mailing list I take part in) who shared in case any of us feel we aren’t good with words. 

Read the Bill Here:

I’m writing regarding Bill A2490, which legalizes the capture and killing of snapping turtles by trapping. Snapping turtles are already permitted to be killed by gun and longbow, and recreational and commercial trapping will dramatically increase their already high number of deaths. Passing the proposed legislation would be a devastating blow to these vulnerable animals. The bill is cruel and scientifically wrong. It is not based on any proven science regarding snapping turtles or any other turtle species.

Turtles are already vulnerable to an existing multitude of threats, such as loss of habitat, high mortality rates of pregnant females crossing roadways, and high hatchling death rates. Killing snapping turtles by traps will only increase their population loss. They need to be protected, not killed. What sort of state passes laws to make it easy to eat their state reptile, the common snapping turtle? I respectfully ask you to vote no to Bill A2490.

Please call And email immediately* NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver at*

*518-455-4100 **

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