STOP NYS Bill A2490-2013 Allowing the capture and killing of snapping turtles!

I’m sad to say that NY State Bill A2490-2013: Relates to trapping license to trap snapping turtles is still alive and kicking, now back in front of the Environmental Conservation Committee. 

This bill will legalize the trapping and killing of snapping turtles at will. There are a multitude of reasons this bill is detrimental both to the turtle population and to the human population it cohabitants with.  I urge you all to read more about the bill and let your voice be heard.

Read the Bill Here

Below is a message from HerpDigest. Please read and help stop this bill from passing! 

From HerpDigest:

Speaker of the Assembly Silver is not responding to your many calls and emails.

He won’t stop A2490, that destructive bill legalizing the capture and killing of snapping turtles by trapping which is speeding through the NYS Legislature. Snapping turtles are already permitted to be killed by gun and longbow and therefore recreational and commercial trapping will dramatically increase the number of these turtles deaths. A devastating blow to these vulnerable animals. The bill has passed the Senate is and is currently in the Assembly Codes Committee. This proposed legislation is cruel and scientifically wrong. 

It is not based on any proven science regarding snapping turtles, or any turtle species.

So we have reach him through your Assemblymember.

Please take one minute to ask your own NYS level Assemblymember to ask

Speaker Silver to Defeat Bill A2490.

To Locate the name and contact page of your Assemblymember go to:


2. Fill in your address

3. Click on your Assemblymember’s name

4. Click on the Assemblymember’s CONTACT page and write your email and/or call.

If you know your legislators name and wish to call the Albany office — 518-455-4100. ( Assembly operator)

If you have time you may wish to add the following points:

1. The flesh of snapping turtles is tainted with toxins .

2. Non- intended endangered and threatened species of turtles will be

captured and killed if this bill if passed. Ie:the Endangered Bog Turtle and the Threatened Blanding’s turtle.

Turtles are already vulnerable to an existing multitude of threats such as loss of habitat, mortality rates of pregnant females crossing roadways, high hatchling death rates etc. Killing snapping turtles by traps will only increase their population loss. They need to be protected, not killed.

What sort of state passes laws to make it easy to eat their state reptile, the common snapping turtle?

For those wanting to see a copy of the bill, A2490, email me at asalzberg@

Thanks. Please do it.

Allen Salzberg


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