They are so lucky to have you making sure they’re healthy and healing. No shell rot is great and so is no respiratory infection! Congrats on Phoebe and George! 

Zoya had to get wormed as well (an obvious indication that the pet store was not telling the truth and she was wild caught … and why you shouldn’t get your tortie from a pet store!). She had a poo test first and it showed some parasite activity. Lucky for me, and the vet, she was more than willing to open her mouth. Obviously it was early in our tortie-human relationship and she hadn’t developed her stubborn ‘I’m in charge’ personality yet. I stand by my claim that she got that from her auntie…


Well took Phoebe and George to the vets. Phoebes shell damage is a from an old healed dog bite and not shell rot. There was a tiny bit of bone protruding that he doesn’t think is connected to anything and she put up no fuss when he removed it. George also has an old smaller dog bite injury that’s now healed. He’s a teeny bit underweight too. As for the respiratory infection he saw nothing that concerned him and said their eyes/mouths are very healthy looking but did say parasite infestations can cause them to splutter sometimes so suggested they were wormed and we’d take it from there. He sorted out some wormers for them both and said to get a poop test on completion to make sure. All in all it went very well 🙂

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