Security guard Les Thompson is responsible for saving this beautiful Brisbane short-neck turtle after a group of children placed it in the road to watch it get run over by a car. 

(Source: 7pm TV News QLD)

Hearing the children yelling he went to inspect the area and noticed the turtle bleeding with a cracked shell. He rushed it to the  local RSPCA just in the nick of time. 

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beattie says there is often a spike in animal cruelty during school holidays.

“Incidents such as this are just really depressing and to be honest animal cruelty that starts at an early age is a very worrying thing to lead into your future life,” he added.

Mr. Thompson was rightfully horrified by the incident. “It is concerning, especially when you get eight to 12-year-olds wanting to put wildlife on the road and have it run over for sheer pleasure – that is just so wrong.”

The turtle is considered extremely lucky to be on the road to a full recovery and has been named ‘Security Les’ after his rescuer. 

Watch the video of this incredible turtle, now looking bright eyed and ready to take over the world, scars and all. 

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