Never underestimate how adventurous tortoises are! 

Sydney (seen above) was found after escaping and being missing for 10 months. She dug herself down and was only found when her owner was digging up some land to add an extension to his home. Click the pic to watch the video. She (or he) sure is a survivor! 

My guess is Sydney wasn’t too fond of her small tank like winter home. Her owner seemed very aware of the the need to keep the tortoise in the garden with sun and plants and a place to roam (when temperatures allow) but that winter home just didn’t work for Sydney. You can’t put the kid in a castle for half the year and then stick em in a closet. 😉

Sydney’s adventure seems to have taught the human a lesson. He plans to build a steel barrier around the garden sydney occupies during the warmer months. Good plan for both.

Watch the video for to see Sydney strut her stuff. Hey tortie, you’re lookin’ good. 

(Source: ITV )

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