carries added weight in the wake of Monday’s bomb attacks, but the 84-year-old told the Herald yesterday she’s ready to honor the victims with a separate sculpture at the 
finish line.

“I would be happy to 
design something. It would be an honor to do something else,” Schon said. “Somebody will want to do it. It’s too big and too important.”

Schon, a West Newton resident who also crafted the “Make Way for Ducklings” sculpture in Boston’s Public Garden, said the 20-year-old “Tortoise and Hare” has a deeper meaning as the city struggles to return to normalcy — slow and steady does actually win the race.

“We will heal and we will come back stronger and there will be more and more people who run this race 
because they want to prove to these horrible people that they are not going to win this race. We’re going to win this race,” Schon said. “We’re never going to change. We’re always going to run this marathon.”

I just hope her new tribute includes more tortoises. 

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