Pros and Cons of getting a Tortoise:



1. A legacy animal. It will live much longer than me if I care for it properly and it’s a pet my kids and grandkids can have in the family too.

2. Basically like a little dinosaur


1. They’re cold blooded, not something that is cuddly.

2. Can they love back? A tortoise isn’t going to crawl up in my lap like a cat

Unsolicited 2 cents! 

They may not crawl up in your lap like a cat but they’ll surely crawl all over you once they get to know you. They learn your scent, your voice, and depending on the breed can definitely climb all over everything and cause adorable trouble. 

They aren’t going to crawl into bed and snuggle you when you’re sad cause well.. they can’t do that for all sorts of reasons. They’ll gladly go on walks, weed the yard, and crawl up and snuggle your neck when you’re chilling on the couch together (though its hard to not have a double chin when taking selfies of those moments.. )


They aren’t cats,  or dogs, they’re tortoises! and they’re awesome. If you’re prepared to learn how to care for them properly I’d say they make pretty badass pets. 

I’m a little biased tho.. 

(when Zoya is being bad I tell her she should be nice cause that double chin issue was almost a deal breaker.. lies but you gotta keep those teenage torties in line) 

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