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So 2014 will bring some new codes for medical professionals to label injuries/ incidents experienced by their patients. This new coding, ICD-10, brings a huge increase in number and detail of codes the current system provides. Along with the above pictured “struck by turtle” are the following :

  • Hurt at the opera: Y92253
  • Stabbed while crocheting: Y93D1
  • Walked into a lamppost: W2202XA
  • Walked into a lamppost, subsequent encounter: W2202XD
  • Submersion due to falling or jumping from crushed water skis: V9037XA

Doctors and other medical professionals aren’t too pleased by this and wrote a letter to the centers for medicare and medicaid services in protest, stating it would cause undue paperwork and take attention away from treatment/cause funding issues. 

While I can see that point, personally I’ll be writing a letter to the centers for medicare and medicaid services myself demanding a fully incluse list should they stick with this new system.

My suggestions include:

  • Offended a turtle or tortoise in public/Private leading to severe tortie/ turtle side eye 
  • Fainting and or heart palpitations due to unexpected exposure to tortoises or turtles yawning
  • Fainting and or heart palpitations due to exposure to turtle/tortoise butts
  • Panic attack like symptoms in response to lack of turtle or tortoises in major public events: including but not limited to televised awards shows, blogs, television series, public cultural events, or political speeches, debates and ad campaigns.
  • Exposure to or fear of impending #turtpocalypse
  • emotional and/or physical distress after speaking ill of turtles and tortoises on tumblr, twitter, buzzfeed, facebook, or any other social media (due to impending #turtpocalypse)

More over I believe these are far too human centric – 

For example, I believe Zoya attempted to seek help herself recently and I’m guessing there are no codes for her

  • over exposure to humom’s iphone camera

and the more serious

  • forced over exposure to Justin bieber singing birthday card (thats a post later this week)

I’m just saying. Its something to think about America. Something to think about. 

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