So I hear I was too wordy in my post about Sammy on sunday. Since I feel its really important and as more articles are being written about these points and fears for sulcata’s (african spur tortoises).

Here are some bullet points:

  • Sulcata’s like @sammykaep7 are some of the MOST FREQUENTLY ABANDONED TORTOISES.  
  • “In California, rescue shelters are getting hundreds a year compared with maybe 20 five years ago, says Ginny Stigen, president of the San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society. "We’ve had people literally stop on the side of a freeway and let them out,” says Ms. Stigen, who worries that Mr. Kaepernick’s pet might inspire fans to bring baby tortoises into their families.“ ( WSJ article )
  • Pictures: Sammy, newly adopted by Kaepernick age 10, Sammy with Kaepernick now ( age 25).
  • Sammy is 115 lbs and not fully grown. He’ll likely live for 100 + more years. 
  • When you adopt an animal, do your research.
  • Don’t be one of the many who stop on the side of the road and ditch their tortoise because they "didn’t realize it would get so big” “require more space than you thought” “you got bored”. 

Don’t be the reason another rescue is out of space and can’t save another abandoned/ injured Sulcata. Don’t be the reason @audreyres has to count herself lucky that @littleRESQ  saved her (after she was left living in a bucket she could barely fit in). 

Love turtles and tortoises!! Let Sammy be an example of how rewarding it can be to commit to a pet, care for it properly, and love it lots so it can live a long and healthy life with you and your family. 

Obviously we are pretty darn excited that Sammy has so many fans, tortoise and turtle love is clearly a sign of higher intelligence and well.. you know, the turtpocalypse and all. We really just want to make sure that, with the pics of sammy and love people are showing him, information is also getting out there.  

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