Humphrey is a trooper, doing well after surgery. He has a lot more space for nom noms now!

The poor little fella could hardly move because the stone had grown so large it occupied a fifth of his body.

Weighing at just 3oz, the one-year-old Indian Star tortoise is one of the smallest reptiles to have undergone such a major operation at the Trinity Vet Centre in Maidstone.

Humphrey had to have a large square hole sawed out of his shell to allow the stone to be removed.Dr Mark Rowland, who carried out the operation, said: “Although these stones can form and have been removed in larger tortoises, it is not common in these younger ones to see a stone of this size.”

Nurses have said since the operation he has been feeling much better and is returning to normal and have commented on how fast he can now move without the extra weight to carry around.

(via Humphrey the tortoise at Trinity Vet Centre Maidstone loses a stone | This is Kent)

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