Having random nostalgia feelings for when my daughter was very small and our pet tortoise would follow her everywhere like a puppy.

This makes me think of my mother. Growing up I always heard stories about ‘Colita’ (means little tail or little butt) my mother’s pet tortoise. She was given Colita by my grandfather when she was around 5 or so. She had been sick and had to stay in and my grandpa brought Colita home. She was a protective little tort, following around like this beautiful shell, and occasionally biting my grandpa’s toes. My mom has told me stories about how she had a doll bed for Colita and would tuck her in bed at night. She would set her head on the pillow and go to sleep.  Colita was with my mom into her early 20s, having made their way to Miami, Fl. One day, I guess, the screen door was left ajar and Colita ran away. I like to think she found some nice sunny place to burrow with lots of nom noms. Obviously I never met Colita, but my moms love for her and the stories she told made me love her too.  We always had a few tortoise themed items around the house, though we only had dogs as pets, and I knew they were there because of Colita. 

Anyway, Ive had images in my head of Colita and my mom since I was young.  These mental images I created look just like this (though my mom is blonde).  I really think Colita created a little burrow in my heart, for turtles and tortoises, early on and  well you know what thats turned into. Zoya does too 🙂

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