It’s been cold and dreary all day and I was reminded of a cold and dreary day when we lived in the UK and tiny baby Zoya snuggled under a blanket I made her. She was just a pebble then. *sniffle* 8 whole years ago! 

yeah I know it’s not really throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday… let’s call it so long ago Saturday! haha, that works. 

It happened! Zoya on the big screen in New York City, Salt Lake City, and Hollywood! Everyone tune in tomorrow at 8/7c on the USA network for #PsychTheMovie!!!!! And keep that side eye out for the #PassThePineapple video featuring my favorite shell-ebrity (yeah I’m biased) Zoya Pants!!!

We can’t wait for it!!!

And here’s a clip sent to us by the most awesome @Esther9 who helped get a video with a location on it.. so the world can see Zoya pants takes Hollywood! 

So, Zoya was on my bed while I cleaned the terrarium. I walked back into the room and saw her on my laptop. I walk closer and she looks at the screen and moves. Which, coincidently(?), clears the browser cache! (she’s done this before) Then she looks at me with this guilty tort side-eye… 

yeah, she knows what she’s doing… *human skeptical side eyes Zoya back* SHE KNOWS! 

Mmhhmmm I think its time to start reading up on parental controls on that laptop!  

The question is.. what was she doing that she doesn’t want me to see??