Want to know more about the turtles and tortoise that need our help most?

Turtle Survival Alliance, an organization that has been on the front lines of turtle and tortoise conservation efforts since 2001, has put together #23daysofturtles providing information on each of the most threatened species, what happened to them and how you can help! 

Read about each species here! (

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About Turtle Survival Alliance ( Via Turtle Survival Alliance)

The TSA is an action-oriented global partnership, focusing on species that are at high risk of extinction, and working in turtle diversity hotspots around the world. Widely recognized as a global catalyst for turtle conservation based on its reputation for swift and decisive action, the TSA has made a bold commitment to zero turtle extinctions in the 21st Century. The TSA is a recognized force for turtle conservation globally. TSA’s conservation actions utilize a three-pronged approach:

1. Restoring populations in the wild where possible;

2. Securing species in captivity through assurance colonies; and

3. Building the capacity to restore, secure, and conserve species within their range country.

This world turtle say Turtle Survival Alliance celebrates the diversity, beauty, and preservation of the 359 living species of turtles, tortoises, sea turtles, and terrapins found on Earth!

We end this #worldturtleday with this beautiful tribute to turtles and tortoises in the wild. May they continue to amaze us for generations to come.


We asked Dr. David Steen,  @alongsideWild , what the most important thing we turtle and tortoise humans should know and this is what he said. 

What does this mean? With so many species already at risk, the loss of a single turtle or tortoise can cause an EXTREME decrease in the population as a whole.

As @Rymkrs points out, one turtle lost to us is decades of hatchlings that will never be. This is why it’s SO very important we keep wildlife wild, safe, and respected, so turtles and tortoises continue to be among the longest living creatures on our planet.

Dr. David Steen is an Assistant Research Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at Auburn University and according to @Slate the best biologist on Twitter! We agree!  

What better day than #WorldTurtleDay to revisit an important “What the experts wish you knew about turtles” and this was his response. Today we shellebrate our incredible shell friends while also reminding ourselves, and the world, how vital conservation efforts are to their survival.  Lets do our part to keep habitats safe, wildlife wild, and these incredible creatures respected and protected.  

AZPetVet on Twitter

AZPetVet on Twitter

“Turtles aren’t silent! 🐢 Although they’re not especially loud, turtles do make a range of noises. Depending on the species, it can be anything from chicken-like clucks to dog-like barking. Could you imagine a turtle barking? Who knew?! #worldturtleday #chewonthis”


Happy World Turtle Day!

Today we’ll share our love of turtles and how we can protect them! 

There’s lots of work to do to make sure we don’t lose these incredible creatures. They’ve survived what the dinosaurs didn’t, let’s not be what causes their demise!

Support plastic reduction when able!  There are various ways you can help fight the war on plastic. It starts at home. Make a pact to stop using single use plastic if you can. With zero-waste stores on the rise and plastic alternatives becoming more commonplace, it’s not that hard. One way is to give them a reusable shopping bag, straw or travel mug as a gift.  Do this but also remember that those with disabilities are not always able to avoid plastics. Able-bodied friends have to take charge.

Take part in (or organize your own) beach and river cleanups on a regular basis. Make it a fun event for any organization, school, and community group. Get out there and clean their habitat!

Support your local turtle and tortoise rescues any way you can! Here are some listings of rescues by state. Help the American Tortoise Rescue rebuild their hospital! Read more here!

Support action against the illegal wildlife trade and stop poaching! Egg poaching is just one of the many ways the sea turtle population is at risk. In Nicaragua, poachers are taking a more barbaric approach to get what they want. Join over 165,686 people and sign and share the pledge to support efforts to put an end to this horrifying practice.

Encourage adoption or ensuring purchase from reputable breeders. Stop the illegal wildlife trade! Unfortunately, many of the turtles and tortoise found in pet stores are snatched from their homes in the wild and smuggled illegally into western countries to be sold as pets. These animals are smuggled in in the most horrifying conditions, with only half surviving being hidden in suitcases/piled in boxes/ and worse. This practice only continues because the demand is there. Adopt don’t buy!

Share the importance of keeping wildlife wild, encourage proper research and care for those considering adopting a turtle or tortoise. Our shell friends are all too often whim purchases that end with their abandonment in already full rescues or death from incorrect care.

Check out our video Buy Toys, Not Turtles and remind fellow shell lovers to RESEARCH FIRST! It’s a matter of survival!

Here are some organizations working hard to help turtles and tortoises everywhere!

We are sending lots of treats and head skritches to all our shell friends on this special day. We promise to live EVERY DAY like its #WorldTurtleDay. Zoya does, you can too! Let’s give the #turtpocalypse a helping hand!


Happy #WorldTurtleDay! Many species of turtles around the world are threatened with extinction due to over exploitation for food and pets and increasing habitat destruction and need much more conservation attention. I found this remarkable baby Big-headed Turtle (Platysternon megacephalum) during a biodiversity survey in Hong Kong.
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A male yellow-bellied slider
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May 23, 2020

Bask in the glow—It’s World Turtle Day
For the last 20 years, on May 23, turtle lovers everywhere have emerged to honor these shelled reptiles that have roamed the Earth for more than 200 million years. The over 350 known species of turtles alive today are found on every continent, except Antarctica. But despite their wide distribution, most turtles are endangered due to loss of habitat, illegal wildlife trade, and hunting and fishing. World Turtle Day aims to change that by raising awareness about their plight and encouraging conservation efforts. So today, we invite you to stick your neck out for turtles.