Today me and Mango strutted our stuff on the catwalk for the Canadian Pet Expo costume contest. We didn’t win but I did get a modelling contract with Turtle Wax.

WOWZA! ‘I’m a mooooodel you know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk.. on the catwalk.. on the catwalk yah!”

wait.. why is it called a catwalk? do you think you were thwarted  by the fur beasts? I mean.. its named after them and all.. this sounds like a conspiracy..


Look what I have. Proof that I am your supreme overlord! Err, I mean chelonian personality of the year. I will display my trophy proudly and promise not to use it for evil like hitting non dandy feeders over the head.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FRIEND WAFFLES!!!! I mean, there was never a doubt, you have the biggest shell-sonality in all the land!  We know you will take your trophy and use it for only the most important turtpocalypse missions!  Keep noming like a boss!! 

Waffles's mom always uses the best wrapping paper and ribbons!Whoa, look at all the pieces in Mommy's birthday present!Removable shells are such a strange concept.NOMS!!OMMORE NOMS!!KIRBY CHOMPA cave!Stop moving, cave!Mommy, this cave is being mean to me!


When Waffles’s mom visited a few weeks ago, she brought a birthday present for Mommy: Two little tortles with their home and a vet just for them!

I helped Mommy match the tortles to their shells and made sure their noms are up to par. Mommy insisted we give the tortles a bath “because it’s good for them,” so I taught them how to escape from their bath! I also tried to inspect their cave, but for some reason, it kept moving when I tried to go inside. Mommy, make the cave stop being mean to me!

This is amazing!

as are @thewhimsyturtle @Wafflesworld and their humans! <3 <3