It’s Buttercup’s last day with us. Tomorrow she goes to her new forever home. She spent the day basking with Torty and splashing in the pool. She’s currently making sure she doesn’t leave anything behind.

Good Luck in your forever home, Buttercup!!  You are Torty will be friends forever I’m sure!  

The sweetest card for the sweetest tortie!Truer words were never said about sweet Mango!Most important part of the card:  A birthday kiss from me to Mango!


Today is an extra special day: Not only is it Friday, but also it is Mango’s birthday!  Mango @wafflesworld is the sweetest tortie ever, so I found her a pretty card (in her favorite color!) just as sweet as she is.  I also made sure to send a kiss for Mango with her card!  😘  Happy happy birthday, sweet Mango! 🎉🎂🎊💝🐢

(Mango’s card is unfortunately going to get to her late because Mom couldn’t get to the post office until today! 😡📬)

Happy Birthday, Mango!! I hope you got all the best noms and didn’t let Waffles have any! heee 


This International Turtle and Tortoise week, I’m going out in the neighbourhood to tell all our friends about why shells are so awesome. This is also a good time to let them know about my lawn cutting and weed service with complimentary tortoise brand fertilization.

Waffles lawn and garden services are the best. He comes highly recommended on “TortiesList” thats like Angie’s list but better.