Hey guys! Humom has been crazy busy dealing with all the snow, making sure my substrate is ok, having a toothache, and generally being slower than some people (no! She’s not a tortoise .. gaw stereotype…its her chronic illness!)  I’ve been doing great supervising from a warm snuggly location. Anyway, She’s been working hard to get some asks in order and this coming week we’re answering a TON of em! I’m even demonstrating step by step in one!! Thanks for your patience! 

An update and info on our #GivingTuesday project!

Hi Everyone!

As you can see I’ve been trying to catch up on asks and all things tortoise and turtle related. Health is still getting in the way, but I’m a little more able to get things done. I’ve still got some responses to post so if you haven’t gotten a response I’m so sorry! Its coming I promise! 

Thank you to everyone who shares, reads, reblogs, asks, and adds to my rambling responses!! Sharing information on how to keep our shell friends healthy and happy is the best part of blogging. 🙂 Well ties with getting to see all the adorable pictures of everyone’s turtles and tortoises… (highlight of my days!). 

In other news, thanksgiving time is upon us! In honor of the holiday season and the spirit of giving (and spending if we’re honest), I’m going to be featuring some awesome organizations that work to help turtles and tortoises (and animals of all kinds), through rehab, rescue, education, and research. My goal is to say thank you to these hardworking organizations by raising awareness of their work and giving details on where you can donate or how to help. All of which will lead to a special #GivingTuesday post!

If you know an organization you think I should feature, please feel free to send me a message about them! Also, please remember that we can give in all kinds of ways! Spreading the word, giving our time, and donating any amount you’re able. It really is true, every penny helps!  

Don’t worry, this will not interrupt our regularly scheduled adorable turtle and tortoise posts! (as if anything could). 

Thank you all! 

Tort-time & Zoya Pants 


Part One of The Eternal Tortoise Epilogue!!!!!!! 

Im going to draw these a little differently than the previous volumes. 

1 panel at a time in full pages.  Then Ill be sure to update once a week,  After its all complete Ill re-post everything so its easier to read.