For those of you that love comedy television and movies, as I’m sure you know I do, may will argue with me on this. Though Parks and Rec and 30 rock remain in the co-position for favorite shows on TV, and in a room filled with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Wil Arnett, and so many other incredible people…

the TRUE STAR of The Comedy Awards as far as we’re concerned is in fact: THE LIVE TURTLE (which is actually a tortoise from what we can tell and appears to be a he). Look at those little legs, the stretched out neck, the way it stretches out its arms gives the world the side eye as if to say “BOOYAH IM A STAR”. Thats a tortoise with talent and we applaud it. 

(Zoya would like to offer her talents for any future appearances in award shows, tv appearances of any kind, film as well.. her resume and head shots are available upon request.. ) 



Capybara with Turtles… weird match?

Oh this is perfect. Makes my day. Now I am trying to decide if the turtles have surrounded the capybara (perhaps thinking he looks tasty? perhaps he is a nice warm basking rock?) or the capybara has taken the liberty of seating himself in the middle of a ring of turtles because he knows that’s the place to be.

We will guard the perimeter while you keep us warm. Thank you for supporting the #turtpocalypse!