A good read on how environmental changes are seriously threatening the desert tortoise, also helpful when trying to understand the importance of humidity levels for torts

(Source: Press Enterprise)

DROUGHT: Lack of water threatens desert tortoise

Desert tortoises can survive in areas where ground temperatures exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but they are not as well-suited to the arid climate as many people think. They are at risk of extinction due to drought, among other factors, experts say.


Someone please explain to me why Americans call tortoises turtles.

Like, I can just about get my head around the jam/jelly/jello nightmare. But how can you call tortoises turtles and yet still call turtles turtles?

Why did you look at a tortoise and think ‘That looks vaguely like a turtle. If we call if a turtle, no one will ever notice they are completely different.’

Well, to be fair not all of us do. So there is that. The other half is, in many languages, there isn’t a word for turtle vs tortoise. It is the same word with an added classification of some sort. Tortuga, for example, is translated to english as ‘turtle’ but can in fact mean tortoise. the literal translation will bring up turtle and so some people will use turtle as its the translation for both turtle and tortoise from spanish to english. 


My baby enjoyed his breakfast! Now, time for a bath!

Bath?! Noooooooo damn you humans!  Sure, hydration is important, but you wash away the noms saved on our beaks! so unfair! 

(humom here tried to get zoya to stop instigating online (see above) but I’ve been out of commission then away and Zoya took over. That baby of yours looks like a charmer. Hope bath time went smoothly)