That’s right people, they learn their names, who you are, when its time for food, how to push a ball… Don’t let people tell you they are dumb or boring animals.

Tiny Tortoise Comes When Called (by planetXplorer)

Taco, the amazing tortoise, comes out of his burrow when called! We were in total disbelief, but the tortoise has done this several days in a row, and now we have video to prove it! Our itty bitty tortoise is incredible.

In a bizarre attempt to honor the Year of the Rabbit and educate the public, an aquarium in Seoul has hosted a reenactment of Aesop’s classic tale, “The Tortoise and the Hare.

The strange, surprisingly entertaining event in South Korea featured a sea turtle instead of a tortoise and a diver dressed up in what appears to be rabbit pajamas, to play the part of the hare. 

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Diver Races Sea Turtle (by uzoouk)

Happy ending to tale of tortoise in traffic tie-up

Happy ending to tale of tortoise in traffic tie-up