Happy turtle Tuesday! Chris the box turtle is so happy to be back outside in his habitat. He was inside living in our bathtub for several weeks while the roof was being worked on. His vision is so bad it seemed as though he thought he was in a dungeon while inside without direct sunlight and he definitely seemed depressed during that period. But now he’s happily enjoying his lychee and papaya once again outside on the lanai.

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Slumber party!
Little Teddy joined me in my cave this evening and we snuggled up warm together! 🐢🐢💤💤

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Dawww two sleepy tortie butts to end this #TortieButtTuesday #TurtleTuesday 


It’s easy to see how the Endangered Four-eyed Turtle (Sacalia quadriocellata) gets its name. This unique species is in decline due to the use of its shell in traditional Chinese medicine. The Turtle Conservancy works to mitigate the trade in species like this, along with our captive breeding efforts.

Its pretty clear.. though I might have called you 6 eyed sally!


Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, don’t forget to be generous on Giving Tuesday! Everyone’s favorite turtle conservation organization needs your help!